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No matter what the source- paper documents, photos, handwritten notes, forms, charts, or drawings, Rely Services can move them to single or multiple files. 24/7.

Excessive amounts of data entry tasks can lead to spiraling costs. But data is important when it comes to making decisions in many organizations. So the demand for accurate data will continue to grow as your business expands. At Ask Datatech, our core business is to ensure that data entry is done fast and efficiently. We are aware that the process could be time-consuming and tedious. We also know that it could be costly if you hire full-time workers for data entry work. So, we give businesses the option of outsourcing all their data entry tasks to us cheaply. It does not matter whether it is medical bill data entry, Magento data entry or insurance claim data entry. We will ensure that the data is available in the format that you want. We provide both offline data entry and online data entry.

Ask Datatech is committed to ensuring that you have enough time to focus on the core of your business. It does this by providing timely and accurate data entry services whenever you want it. If you need help in image data entry, remote desktop data entry, PDF to excel data entry services, you will get it at reduced costs. We are experienced in this field and we have worked with firms from different industries. We cover healthcare, education, finance, real estate. We also cover government departments, small and medium scale businesses, and logistic solutions. It means that you can outsource data entry tasks to us and focus on formulating policies to spur your company growth.

Our Main Data entry Services:

Magento Data entry
Insurance Claims Data entry
Catalog Data Entry Services
Online Data entry
Offline Data entry
Remote to Desktop Data entry
Invoice & Bill Data Entry Services
Handwritten Data entry
Numeric data entry
Legal data entry
Medical Data Entry Services
Restaurant Data Entry Service
Insurance Data Entry Service
Manufacturing Data Entry Service
Mortgage Process Outsourcing
Medical Billing Services
Document Digitization Services
PDF to Excel Data Entry
Accounting Data Entry Services
Business card Data Entry


We adhere to a unique and tested data entry process that helps our company to maintain quality and consistency. The process entails scanning the data and uploading it to our secure FTP servers. The data is indexed and assigned to our staff depending on their area of specialization. The next thing we do is to enter the data into the client’s desired sheets. Once it is done, it is escalated to our senior staff to check for errors and accuracy. If it is confirmed to be accurate, it is sent or delivered to the client.